If any of the following describes your situation...

Other tests and services...

  1. “The scheduled prep dates and times just don’t work for me.”

  2. “I’d really rather get help one on one.”

  3. “I need help with a different test.”

  4. “I just need help with constructed responses or essay writing.”

  5. “San Diego County???  But I live near Yuma!” 

  6. “What about me? I’m not even in California...”

  7. “Our district has some teachers or parapros who are bright, and we really don’t want to have to hire anyone else, but they just can’t seem to pass the test...”

... chances are the Testmaven can help. 

In addition to the scheduled classes on this Web site, we also offer

  1. One-on-one and small-group tutoring

  2. Help with the basic educational skills (reading, basic math, essay writing) tested by most states’ basic-skills exams

  3. Help with a wide range of NCLB-mandated multiple subject and single subject competence tests that includes researching materials to fit your needs

  4. Custom on-site workshops for schools, districts, county offices of education, and more, throughout Southern California and beyond 

  5. Test preparation by email, phone, iChat, or Skype with engaging materials and exercises

  6. Feedback by email on your essays or constructed responses

Oh, and the answer to the question above is d: All of the above.

Want to know more?  Email us for a phone appointment to discuss your needs!